Freudenberg Sealing Technologies supports downsizing in the new BMW 3 series

The new BMW 3 series will be delivered to BMW dealerships in early 2012. The latest version of this best-selling BMW model will be powered by a series of four-cylinder engines. Thanks to their turbochargers, these engines will have all the dynamics and the feel of a six-cylinder engine, yet the fuel-efficiency of a four-cylinder engine. In future, only BMW's top-of-the-range cars will be equipped with classic six-cylinder in-line engines.

With its 245-hp, two-liter, four-cylinder SI engine, the new sedan will accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in less than six seconds and can reach speeds of up to 250 km per hour on the freeway. On average, the new BMW 3 series will consume only 6.4 liters of gasoline. The four-cylinder diesel engine in the new 320d will consume two liters less fuel over 100 km, while at the same time putting on an incredible performance for a mid-size diesel car.

The Freudenberg Sealing Technologies seals used in the new 3 series support the concept of downsizing, i.e. combining more performance with less consumption. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, the Technology Specialist, has combined its solutions for sustainable mobility in a single range: "Low-Emission Sealing Solutions" (LESS). LESS solutions used in the BMW 3 series include friction-reduced Simmerrings from the Energy-Saving Simmerring or Power-Optimized PTFE Simmerring ranges. The gasoline and diesel engines also feature Freudenberg Sealing Technologies encoders, which help to optimize the combustion process and support the standard Start-Stop system.